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Pitwheel Distillery

A family-run small batch distillery based in the North East of England established in 2019

About Us

From a Dream to Reality

The dream was always to establish a small family run business, the vision to stay to remain a manageable concern and create a bespoke range of gins to be enjoyed in the locality of which it was inspired.
The idea was to hand through the future generation - its not a get rich quick venture or to rival the big brands but to stand alone by name, reputation and more importantly by flavour.
And....the reality is we are ready to begin our journey a little later than planned but as the world has become engulfed in Covid–19, we too were personally affected and thankfully have come out the other side stronger.

Our Products

At long last we have reached our launch - with the first 3 of our small batches.

Keep your eyes peels for upcoming special edition batch runs

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