You can now select Merchants Heart Tonic Water to accompany your order, choosing your own selection to accompany your PitWheel Gin purchase! Merchants Heart collection was designed to perfectly compliment the complex’s flavours of premium spirits such as our PitWheel Gin.


They are carefully crafted to enhance the flavours rather than clouding them - ensuring the flavour of our PitWheel Gin truly sings through, and comes with perfectly crisp, long-lasting bubbles! Choose from:

Tonic - Soft, bitter quinine and fresh citrus, with a highly carbonated and long lasting bubble Light - a light, less sugary tonic with crisp citrus notes that make a perfect match with lighter gins Pink Peppercorn - the piquant combination of citrus and spice provides just the counterpoint to more fiery gins

Hibiscus - light and citrusy fruitiness and a hint of dry hibiscus, to pair perfectly with a more citrusy gin

Floral Aromatic - a fragrant blend with the softest hint of pear and orange to compliment citrusy gins

Ginger Ale - flavour comes from fresh (rather than candied) ginger, for a soft, spiced finish. Pairs beautifully with our Original Spiced and Raspberry & Vanilla to give an alternative to your usual tonic....

Merchants Heart Tonic (Bottles)


    PitWheel Distillery Ltd, Wingate, County Durham TS285PE, UK