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Frequently Asked Questions?


Small batch is exactly that.

It is gin that's distilled in small batches, with an ethos behind the brand that is filled with passion for creating a beautiful gin for gin lovers to enjoy. 

The closest you can probably get is that the still in which small-batch producers distil alcohol is smaller than the ones used by the industry giants.

People like to say it also involves more care and attention to detail, and here at PitWheel we can assure you that a lot of love goes into creating our range of gins!!


PitWheel's range of gins sit within the artisan/craft gin market and as such are produced on a small-batch scale. We are a family run business and we want to keep our ethos and passion for producing our gins. We are not in the business to rival the big brands and as such we have done extensive market research into our competitors and have nestled our pricing structure slap bang in the middle of our competitors.

So yes is your answer - as a small-batch distillery we priced competitively in our market.


No, no and no.

PitWheel Distillery are all about flavour infusion from natural botanicals, fruits, herbs and spices. 

Many of the flavoured gins on the market, are extremely sweet to the taste with very strong artificial flavourings.

Our aim is to be a lot more subtle in our flavours thus giving a smooth finish on the palate and as such, a lot of work has gone into our market research with extensive taste testing and recipe development and we are satisfied that we have reached the right balance with the flavours offered in our gin range to date.


Yes we certainly will and we absolutely cannot wait!!

We have several recipes already finalised and ready to produce as Special Editions however we need to choose the perfect times for these to be released.

Rest assured that you will be the first to know when this is. We will make our announcements both on here and our social media sites so please, please make sure you follow us on 

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PitWheel Distillery are gradually expanding our reach and have various stockists, both on and off trade which can be found in the Stockists page on our website.

We are now frequent attenders at local traders and farmers markets throughout the region so you can come and meet us, have a chat and try our gin range. So far, you can find us at:

Every 1st Sunday of the Month: Sedgefield Farmers Market

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month:

Northern Dales Hartlepool Farmers Market

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month: Wynyard Hall Farmers Market

Monthly craft markets at Hutton Henry and Castle Eden - see socials for more info...

We will keep you updated on where to find us here!

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